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At DanBred, we are continuously developing our services and solutions to maximise the potential of your pig production. 

Below, we present a selection of videos in which DanBred’s specialists share their expertise within the most important keys to success for farmers and production managers.

The benefits of Danbred

Robust & uniform
Progenies are robust and have uniform growth rates from birth to slaughter
High survival rates
Produce litters with high survival rates and vigorous piglets
High lean meat
Ongoing selection for high lean meat percentage, matching the trend for increasingly heavier finishers
Most profitable
The world’s most profitable and environmentally efficient terminal boar line
Superior daily gain
Progenies have superior daily gain from birth to slaughter and the best feed efficiency
Exceptional meat quality
Finisher carcasses have exceptional meat quality: pH, colour and IMF

Do you want to discover opportunities for improved productivity and genetic and economic progress?

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